Off The Deep End

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Off The Deep End

Today I found out I’ve “gone off the deep end.”

In my mother’s lingo that means I’m crazy, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, gone nuts.

You see, I haven’t ever had “the talk” with my family of origin. The one that says “Yeah, I left the church I was raised in, became a Shamanic Practitioner and by the way, I talk to and hear trees, plants and animals.”

My secret is out.

I don’t talk to any of them often and they generally don’t ask about my life when I do. However, about 18 months ago I stopped filtering my posts on Face Book and I often post about “my” trees and other Shamanic things I’m doing. Apparently someone in my family has been stalking my feed and felt they should inform mom. I found out through the grapevine today that mom is very worried about me because “I’ve gone off the deep end and am worshiping trees.”

Well, you know what? I have gone off the deep end! I connect people to Source, to their spiritual center through Nature. I am a bringer of light and a speaker of truth. Still, in this area of my life I haven’t lied but I haven’t been bold either. Partly due to the fact that I have been afraid that if I spoke up, really telling people about my tree talking gifts, I’d be called crazy and shunned or worse. And yet, part of my sacred contract in this life is to break cycles of secret keeping.

So what is the gift in all this?

My mother for sure and most likely the rest of my family think I’m crazy. How about that? My worst fear realized and it’s not so bad! I feel some fear, sadness and a touch of anger but most of all I feel liberated! If this is the deep end, I’m happy to be swimming here. This is one of the very things Nature has been telling me all along.

Grow Your Own Way

Trees and plants have no problem just BEing who they be. One, lone oak tree thriving in a grove of pines. Life vibrantly growing in seemingly impossible paces. The Ohi’a tree.This sacred Hawaiian tree only grows up out of the lava. And then there are the trees I met last summer.
I was on a hike and stopped to tie my shoe by the 3 Aspen trees pictured above. I heard singing but when I looked up, no one was there. I then realized it was the trees. They were singing “You can grow your own way. Grow your own way aay” (Yes, like the Fleetwood Mac song.) I took more notice of them in that moment. All of their trunks growing with seemingly impossible twists and turns. What a beautiful gift in the message! Crazy right??? Maybe, and there is no denying the truth in the message.

BE. More. Me.

It’s Time

I’ve had a beautiful gift delivered to me in the form of the judgement of others. Now, who do I want to be and how do I want to play…for ME? It’s time for me to step up in ways I’ve never done before. Time for me to be seen, to be more me, to shine my light. How about YOU? What is your version of being told you’ve “gone off the deep end” (aka your deepest fear about showing up fully as you)? Is it holding you back? Is it time for you to be liberated?
If so, I’d love to have a conversation and see if I can support you in getting unstuck. People who work with me often have amazing shifts into prosperity, confidence and healing in relationships. If this resonates, you can schedule a time here for us to chat and see if I can support you.

Swimming in the deep end,


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