Who I Am

An Underworld Magician

The penetrating vision I was born with allows me to see what lies below the surface. It helps me lead you to what is there.

A Heretic

I was a full-term baby and yet just 4 lbs. I was the only blonde in a family of brunettes. I’ve always been the odd one out. I was born to both question the norm and have you question everything you think you know.

A Deep-End Swimmer

I have the capacity to go into the depth of ALL of who you are without flinching…and find the power in all of it.

A Soul Surgeon

I gently open you up and examine, transmute, and release the diseased layers of thinking, belief, and behaviors so you can access the Sacred Real You.

The Tree Oracle

I’m a living Nature Oracle who bridges the deeply spiritual with the profoundly practical. A voice for the messages that are constantly around us in the natural world.


People always expect me to be taller. I am 5 feet “tall” with energy that is much bigger than my body.
I will be your soft place to land whilst saying fuck (a lot). I am warm, gentle & kind while also being the speaker of uncomfortable truths. (Because if you want me to lie and tell you only what you want to hear then why are you here?) I am sassy but also shy. I have a quirky sense of humor which I infuse especially when things get serious.

A Weaver

I weave together all the threads of my life (and yours) into a beautiful whole. Shamanism. Pattern Work. Body Knowing. Life Experience. Trauma Healing. Deep Vision.

A Guide

A space holder who can support you in all that you are. A way-shower.
All the branches of my work lead to the same place:
The deep roots of who you are.
The soul you were born as- magnificence, sacred power, true magic.

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