Who I’m Not


You aren’t made from a cookie-cutter so why would you want a formula to explore the uniqueness of you? We explore within a framework that gives lots of room to honor the way you walk in the world.


I’m kind and deeply compassionate but I won’t tap dance around the truth.

 A Fixer

I don’t believe you are sick or broken. I believe you are a whole person who has experienced life and as such may have experiences that were unhelpful. I can help transmute those experiences. I can help uncover core parts of your magic, long-buried, often due to some of those unhelpful experiences.

Your North Star, Your Guru, or Your Magic Pill

I believe YOU have all your answers. It is my job to lead you to them. (If you are interested in trusting yourself, and a deep bone knowing of who you are and living life from this place, you’re my people.)


My work is deep. It is experiential.
It. Will. Stretch. You.

(Because if you’re here I’m thinking you don’t want the vanilla, yeah?)

Willing To Meet You In Your Excuses

In a deeply kind and compassionate way, I will help you see what’s really behind excuses, playing small, and feeling less than. I will always call bullshit and invite you to make a different choice when they want to be in the driver’s seat.

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