Bone Whispering Experience

The core truth of us is complexity. Our lives are made up of family, school, work and societal systems that fear being outside the box. We’re surrounded by media constantly telling us who we are and who we’re not who we can be and who we can’t, what is good about us and what is flawed. 

When we fall in line with who we are told we should be, it is draining and painful and that pain seeps into so many facets of life. 


Time to let the sun set on those projections and discover who we are.

The core truth of us– the gifts, talents, personality traits that we came in with, live deep in our bones; sheltered from all the projections, lies and good intentions that we’ve heard our whole lives. In these sessions we’ll wind our way down, deep into the marrow of you and bring to the light the power, complexity and wonder of you.

After the discovery,the challenge is how to show up as this self that has so often been rejected (which is why it hid in the first place). We’ll come up with solid strategies for making these things a living, breathing part of the way you move in the world.  This will include some ways to communicate with the Beloveds in your life about what you need and what will be shifting in ways that promote understanding instead of confrontation.

This experience may be just a few sessions or you may want to work with me over the course of several months. It may include Shamanic work or it may not. Why the variable? Simple. You are not a formula. We don’t know until we are in it, the pacing you’ll need. So there is space for that. We’ll begin with a conversation to see what’s needed, see if we’re a fit for each other and if the timing is right.

                Let’s chat. I’ll ask for a bit of information about where you’re at. You can also ask me anything.

If it feels like a yes after we chat, the minimum to start is 4 sessions. *Each session is $250.

*If you know you need this work and money is the only thing in the way, let’s talk. There are possibilities for you.

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