Soul Witnessing

Sometimes we all need outside support. We all get lost at times.

A different perspective can bring things clearly into focus and help us see the path ahead. At times we need a lift. We need to come back to the truth of ourselves. We may need to be witnessed in the way only our Beloved Helpers can.  Sometimes we need messages of comfort. There are moments when we need to see what is hiding in our ego, our fears, our self doubt.

Over time, other people’s perceptions, mistakes, trauma, teachers, family systems can mask out core self and have us doubting.

Through the lens of a Helping Ally, I reflect back to you the wonder, magic, complexity and beauty that is your soul.
Your gifts. The way you naturally move in the world. The helpful and unhelpful side of certain attributes.

Sometimes I’m shown a life path or direction. Often I’m given messages about things you need to watch for or pay attention to, invitations for you, things to focus on, and things to let go of.

What these sessions are and what they are not:

They are highly metaphorical in nature. Often They give me images or symbols that will “work” you and be for you to work with.
They are honest. They will always be kind but will not always be what you want to hear.
They will tell you things you need to know to move forward.
They will always support your sovereignty and never impinge on your free-will.
They are not a way to abdicate your responsibility or authority.


Each session is $95, will last 75 minutes and be recorded for you.


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