I work with Beloved Helping Allies to energetically and spiritually heal past wounding causing pain, distress or harm in present time. These Beloved Helpers are spiritual guides in human and animal form, plant medicines in the form of herbs, oils, and incense, and candles and stones.


How it works:

I do a Shamanic Journey into spiritual realms and seek information from Beloved Helping Guides.  I ask them to illuminate what is needed for you. Sometimes I’m shown that you are weighed down by carrying energies or energetic ties that are not yours and am guided to remove those energies.

Sometimes I am shown that Soul Witnessing or a Power Restoration is needed. Sometimes it is all of those things. Whatever is called for, we do this work over the course of 6 sessions. The cost is $750 (for all 6, not per session)

Please Note: This is not a magic pill. It is collaborative work. There is work for you to do following each session. I will be your guide. I will teach you and give you lots of support in that integrative work, but I can’t do it for you. If you are looking for a one and done session that fixes everything, I’m not your person.

This is part of a healing journey but not the entirety of one. As whole people we must to include all aspects- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual/energetic- in our healing. I encourage people to have lots of healing resources in their corners and be engaged with other healing professionals as well as myself.


I don’t do this work with just any human. I need to see if the work fills a need for you and most importantly if we are a fit to work together. If you are interested in the work but we haven’t chatted about it yet, let’s talk.

If we’ve had a conversation and you know this is for you, click here to reserve your sessions.



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