12 Months of Awakening

The Sacred Real You



You’ve gathered a lifetime of stories. The projections of others about who and what you are have been present since birth. Even the name you were given was another person’s idea of who you are. Most of us are living out someone else’s idea of who we are.  

The result?

There are things that you despise about yourself that someone else decided were true, wrong or bad.

Confusion and uncertainty about your gifts, talents and positive attributes + feeling arrogant, audacious or foolish to claim those parts of you.


So what is the truth?

In ALL of the stories, beliefs and behaviors lies magnificence.
There is a glorious you that includes the secrets, lumps, bumps, warts and all, that is ready and wanting to be acknowledged and known.

How do I know?

For the past 14 years I’ve done my own potent work of deep inner exploration & claiming me (including changing my given name).

For 6 of those years, I’ve been guiding clients to The Real Sacred You.

In December 2018 I found the picture on the left. I had just come back from the profound experience of having a photo shoot done showing my realest self- no make up + my true name-  (the pic on the right). It was shocking to see that image of me of 15 years ago staring back.

It was in that moment that a fierce, intense desire ignited in me- to share this work of knowing the Real Scared You on a much larger scale + make it accessible as possible.

Thus 12 Months of Awakening the The Sacred REAL You was birtheda gentle opening to your primal, soul self.

We’ll explore the glorious mystery and magic of you. We’ll germinate the seeds of your magnificence.
We’ll create ways in which you can practice walking in the world with your magic front and center.
We’ll gently examine the unhelpful things that make walking as The Real Sacred You difficult and how you can transmute or let them them go.
We embrace the complexity of you- the seeing contradictions held within your sacred being.

Here’s What We’ll Do Together:

Each month you will receive an opening experience via email with a well thought out theme. It may be a teaching with journaling questions. There may be directions to create sacred space and perform a ritual. It may be a process or activity. Everything will point to support you in opening more deeply to The Sacred Real You.

These processes have been designed to connect you to The Sacred Real You, and will set the tone for your month, with prompts that keep you coming back to The Truth when you fall into a state of forgetfulness (because let’s be honest, we all do)…

There will be an opportunity to receive support from me, in addition to sharing your questions, insights and shifts in perspective, in a private Face Book group with a community who are also digging in and committing to living the truth of who they are.


So what will this experience give you?

Great question!
And it’s one I can’t answer for you.
It will depend on you and your commitment to do the work.

What I can tell you is what myself and some of my one-on-one clients have experienced.

  • Not being my real self took A LOT of energy. It was very draining to hide. I now have energy pointed in the direction of what I want instead of using it to hide who I am.
  • I literally walk differently in the world. After a recent visit with family, my brother-in-law commented that he couldn’t believe I was the same woman. He said I exuded confidence and a sassy-ness that hadn’t been there a year ago.
  • My relationships have changed drastically. The ones that needed to have fallen away. The others have richness and depth that at times, takes my breath away.
  • I’ve started to draw again after leaving it over 30 years ago. I’ve also started to write again.
  • One client experienced the biggest month ever in their businesses.
  • One owned who they are and then revitalized their marriage as a result.
  • One client stepped into her dream of traveling the world.
  • One client ended a 25 year toxic relationship and found her dream job.


 What possibilities await? If you want to find out, then here’s what you do.


Decide how much you’d like to contribute each month, let me know via the form below and watch your email.


Say what?


Yes, you read that correctly. Name your price. Decide what you’d like contribute each month.  Fill out the form below.

When you set up the plan, it activates your membership. Easy Peasy.


It’s a 12 month commitment (thus 12 months to The Sacred Real You) but you can join any time during the year.


You might be thinking…

  1. What’s the catch and
  2. Why would I do that?

Most importantly.. NO CATCH. Your inbox will not fill with offers to buy tons of other things from me. It will not be light, fluffy, content with no substance. And there is a reason…and it’s most likely not what you think.

Click the image below to find out why or if you know you’re ready, fill out the form below.

Awakening The Sacred Real You

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All the details:

The activations will be delivered around mid-month because we’ll also be working smarter by taking advantage of planetary energies most of which actually shift mid month-ish.

Most will be an hour or less. During certain times of the year they may be a tad longer. You can take 12-15 hours a year to spend on yourself though, right?

If you decide you want to go deeper support with one on one work, there will be discounts available to you.