The Wisdom Keeper Path is a course in divination, ceremony and trusting your bones.




Our Beloved Helpers speak to us every day. The key is learning the language. We will journey together through Deep Mystery as you learn the language of the nature oracles around you.

You’ll learn how to utilize the directions. As you walk the Wisdom of the Elementals path you’ll discover  they are potent Allies that you can both draw upon and listen to for direction. Plants and trees generously share spiritual and physical medicine with us. You’ll walk the Medicine Keeper path, building a personal relationship with these Beloved Helpers. Our animal family whether they appear outside our window, in dreams, or art are very often the messengers of our Beloved Helpers. Following the Animal Keeper path, you’ll begin to understand the them as messengers, oracles and Allies.




As your Wisdom Keeper skills build, you’ll learn powerful ceremonies to honor, empower and create. You’ll learn to craft daily ritual, and potent ceremonies that pair this wisdom during specific times of the year.





Trusting Your Bones

Being a Wisdom Keeper is a way to build your trust in what you know, the inherent wisdom that lives within you and is asking to be awakened. You’ll learn the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying and some simple healing journey techniques. This path will lead you to build the muscles of listening, observation and knowing your heart, mind and bones.




We meet together 2x per month for 6 months plus each Keeper also has one on one sessions as well.

We will embark just before Samhain (pronounced Sowan). This is said to be a time when the veils between worlds is very thin. Samhain is also the Celtic New Year. A beautiful, potent time to create new things, make new commitments and let the Ancestors support us.
We will begin on Thursday, October 27th at 1:30pm PST | 4:30pm EST with an opening ceremony.
From there, we will meet every other Thursday at 1:30pm PST | 4:30 EST through May 18.
We will not meet on the following dates:
November 24th
December 22nd and 29th
March 23rd (We’ll meet on Tuesday the 21st instead for an Equinox Ceremony)
We may also meet on December 21st for a Solstice Ceremony.

The cost is $1500.

(A retreat at the end of the course is an option for an additional cost.)

Payment plans are available with no penalties.

Interested but need more information? Let’s schedule a time to chat



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