Just You & I




Let’s sit down together. No distractions. Let’s look each other in the eye and gaze into your soul.

Venturing into the heart of you. The deep recesses. The dark corners. The space where your deepest magnificence lies.

It’s usually the place you are most afraid to go but holds the most potency, sacredness, beauty and transformational power.


The deep roots of who you are.
The soul you were born as- magnificence, sacred power, true magic.


Sacred Real You Intensive :

Two, 90 to 120 minute sessions where we’ll begin to explore the sacred being that is you. We’ll go beyond the surface into your deep and holy wells. This process is not about dredging up old trauma or rehashing the past. It’s not about shaming, and blaming.. It’s about exploring from a healthy place of ownership the hidden strengths, untapped beauties and intricate complexities of you.

$500. Payment plans with no fee available.

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A deep, intimate knowing.

( Introduction sessions are a prerequisite.)

Let’s continue the conversation. How do you move in the world as your authentic self? How do you stand in front of your boss, your mother, your lover, your partner, your best friend, your children, your father-in-law, in truth without causing World War 3? How do you bridge the gap between the truth you are coming to know and the way you’ve lived up until now? How do you rewrite the old patterns and make long lasting shifts?
Through these sessions we unearth more treasures and truth while showing you how to bring your truth from things you know to how you live.

4 Sessions $800 ($200 per session)
8 Sessions $1200 ($150 per session)
12 Sessions $1150 ($125 per session)

If you decided to add more sessions after grabbing one package, we’ll prorate the price for the additional sessions. We can talk about how this works before you pay for the sessions. Payment plans with no fee available for all options.