One on One

Let’s sit down together. No distractions. Let’s look each other in the eye and gaze into your soul.

Venturing into the heart of you. The deep recesses. The dark corners. The space where your deepest magnificence lies.

It’s usually the place you are most afraid to go but holds the most potency, sacredness, beauty and transformational power.

Here are my current offerings:

Meet Your Power Animal

In a Power Animal Reading, you’ll meet this Potent Ally and have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to put this Helper to work for you.

Bone Whispering Sessions

Beyond the stories, projections, and life experiences lives undeniable truth. Your bones know the truth of you.  In these sessions, I’ll guide you deep into the wisdom of your bones & let them reveal to your greatest truths & gifts.


Readings: What do your Guides Have To Say?

Sometimes we all need outside guidance. A different perspective can bring things clearly into focus and help us see the path ahead. Bring your questions and I will speak to Helping Allies in the spirit realms on your behalf and see what wisdom they have for you.

Medicine Woman Inquiry

When animals, birds, insects, and even colors show up or stand out repeatedly, it’s not happenstance, it’s a message from your Helping Allies. In this session, you’ll learn to decode those messages and read any future ones.

Shamanic Healing

Using ancient Shamanic techniques + connecting with Guides and Helping Allies in Spirit form, we’ll embark on a journey of healing trauma on a spiritual and energetic level.

3-4 Sessions (depending on what you need) – $300

How Can I Help?

Let’s hop on a call and chat. Ask me anything. Let’s see if what I offer is what you’re looking for or if not, if I can recommend a colleague who may serve you better.

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