Meet Your Power Animal

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Your Power Animal is one of the most potent Helping Allies you have. If you are willing to co-create with this amazing Being it can:

– help heal past trauma by restoring lost power
– help you achieve goals, dreams and desires
– bring you guidance
– support relationships
– find your inner truth
– protect and restore you

An introduction to this Being is a spiritual experience, involving ceremony and the beginning of a life long commitment.

These sessions are for you

  • If you have a spiritual path
  • If you are open to things beyond science and religion
  • If you are willing to honor and co-create with a powerful Spiritual Ally
  • If spiritual work is a part of your path of personal growth
  • If you are able to be fully present for 2- 90 minutes sessions. (They will take that much time and I won’t “do a quick summary”.
  • If you are able to commit to caring for and tending a relationship with this Being.

These sessions are not for you

  • If you are wanting to do this because all your friends did it with zero interest in the spiritual basis of it.
  • If you are looking for novelty or entertainment (This is not Madame Scarlett at a Metaphysical fair giving readings for $3 a minute.)
  • If you are showing up out of obligation or pressure and definitely not wanting to do this.
  • If you’re curious but not serious about meeting working with a powerful spiritual ally.
  • If you generally have an outlook of “Oh yeah. Prove it.”

Power Animal Introduction and Support
In this 2 part session you’ll meet your Power Animal (or animals) and learn how to honor this Being, build a relationship and put this Helper to work for you. When you reserve your time, you will be emailed all the information you’ll need for our time together. Both sessions are virtual and last 90 minutes. Price is $145.

Book Your Power Animal Reading Here

Giving the gift of a Power Animal Reading & Readings for Kids  

I deeply appreciate those who desire to gift sessions to others! Valuing my work enough to want to share it is a deep honor.

Building a relationship, deep respect and profound life shifts is what this is really about. Based on the experiences I’ve had, I’ve not done a great job in the past of conveying that. Unfortunately, many who have received the gift weren’t seeing the deeply spiritual experience and sacred commitment it is.

Because of this I’m now only offering Power Animal Introduction gift certificates on a case by case basis. If you’d like to gift a Power Animal Introduction, please contact me and we’ll decide together if the person or people are a good fit.

Readings for kids

I’m happy to do them as long as there is an adult who is engaged with that child and willing to teach and guide the child in building a relationship with their Power Animal. If you are that adult and your Power Animal isn’t currently a valuable part of your life, a reading for your child isn’t a good idea. It is a sacred responsibility to help nurture this relationship. Are you willing to make that commitment? Unlike sessions for adults, this is one session, instead of 2. The cost is $95. Children are those 17 and younger.

Book a Child’s session.

Couples and Business Power Animal Readings

Power Animals also watch over many other things – relationships, businesses, houses, and much more. These Beings offer guidance, support, aliveness, resources and so much more in these areas. Think about how helpful it would be to have a powerful Ally to guide your business or help you deepen a relationship.

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